The Acropolis Museum

The Acropolis Museum, with its huge glass walls and high aesthetics, brings a real sense of admiration to anyone who visits it. The permanent exhibitions occupy 3 floors and are divided into 4 levels, while in the fifth there are additional spaces such as cafes, restaurants and vendors. On the first level you will admire exhibits-findings of the Acropolis slope. On the west and north side of the 1st floor you can see the ceiling panels and the Ionian columnist of the Propylaea, the sculptures of the temple of Athena Nike, the sculptures of the Erechtheion and of course the Caryatids. In the Hall of Archaic Works, the visitor can see the exhibits from all sides as they stand freely in space. The 2nd floor of the Museum is dedicated to the Parthenon. On the 3rd floor of the Museum, the visitor has the opportunity to watch a video presenting the Parthenon and its sculptural decoration.


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Access: Metro stations: Acropolis, Line: M2 (RED)